My Current Makeup Routine// Makeup Favorites Right Now

Wearing the shade Glowing Jen here! Love this lipstick!!!

I am so excited to finally write out this blog post! I have been LOVING makeup lately and watching so many youtube tutorials. Makeup has definitely become a hobby of mine! I feel like when I became a mama I “lost myself” for awhile and for some reason makeup has just been my thing that has really made me feel like myself again. I just love playing around with new products! Anyways here is my routine and favorite products!

#1. PRIMER – I use these three Tula products in this order as my makeup primer! Tula Eye Balm, Tula dew your thing gel cream, and Tula face filter makeup primer. Use code Alexa Elizabeth for 20% off any Tula!! 

#2. CC CREAM- I use this It cosmetics CC Cream in the shade light. I prefer a cc cream rather than a heavy foundation. I’ve never been one that likes something heavy on my face, so right now I am still using a cc cream, but this year I do plan to try more foundations to see if there is a light one that I like. I use this tarte sponge to apply my cc cream. 

#3. CONCEALER-  I use shape tape in the shade light OR light sand. I blend that in with my tarte sponge. And on days when I have a really really bad dark circles are use this Becca under eye corrector (shade light to medium)

#4. SETTING POWDERS- I use Charlotte Tilburry’s pressed powder (shade light) to set my under eye and I just use the same damp sponge to apply that under my eyes. And then I use Laura Mercier translucent setting powder all over my face to set everything. And I use this big fluffy sigma brush to do that. 

#5. BRONZER- I use the Hourglass bronzer in the shade a luminous bronze light. And I use the same big fluffy brush and make a three on my face. 

#6. EYES. Right now I am using the Tarte toasted palette and I am absolutely in love with it!!! And when I want a pop of shimmer on my lids I use this liquid eyeshadow in the shade “pop the bubbly” to top off my eyeshadow. It’s so gorgeous! Next I use this liquid eyeliner (color intense black)  for my upper lids and I create a wing look. Then I use this liner on my lower waterline! This eyeliner is sooo creamy and worth the price in my opinion. (color black)

#7. MASCARA-  After I finish my eyeshadow and liner I like to go in with mascara. Mascara just makes the biggest difference. I currently mix these three mascaras! I start with this primer, then use this one to curl, separate and define my lashes and then lastly I top it off with this mascara to give them lots of thickness!! This is my perfect mascara combo. 

#8. CONTOUR. I love to do a nose contour! I use this hoola bronzer to contour my nose. This bronzer is very pigmented so it’s great for contouring!! Then I go in and do a more precise contour on my forehead,  cheeks and jawline. And I make the same three motion. I use this contour brush for that. It’s a great contour brush! ( I use the Hourglass bronzer as mentioned in #5 for my face contour, you can still use the Hoola one though, for many years I used Hoola for my bronzer and contouring) 

#9.  BLUSH.  Right now I am using this gorgeous blush from NARS in the shade Torrid! It’s a really pretty coral color!! And I use this it cosmetics blush brush! Love this fluffy brush!!!

#10. HIGHLIGHT. I am obsessed with highlighter I think it makes the biggest difference when doing your makeup!! My absolute favorite highlighter right now is the cookie highlighter by benefit !!  It is so pigmented and has the best color!! I use this with the tapered highlighter brush from sigma. You must grab this brush!! It’s SOOO good!! I use this highlighter down the center of my nose, above my blush, in the corners of my eyes, my brow bone and my Cupid’s bow on my top lips!! 

#11. BROWS. I recently discovered this new eyebrow pencil and I love it!!! It’s called goof proof and it’s by benefit! If you can’t tell I love this makeup brand!! I am in the shade 3.5. And then some days I also top it off with this brow gel, love this stuff!! I’m in the same shade 3.5 in this as well. 

# 12. LIPS. I do tend to switch up my lip color quite often but right now I am loving all things Charlotte Tilbury for lipsticks!! Especially the shade pillow talk!! It’s since a nice universal color that looks good on everyone!! I also use the Pillowtalk lip liner!! Two other lipstick shades from Charlotte Tilbury that I wear quite often are Glowing Jen and Kim KW

#13. SETTING SPRAY. I am still using my tried-and-true urban decay all nighter setting spray!! The stuff is bomb and really helps keep your makeup stay in place all day long!! 

Miscellaneous Beauty Items I use: Riki loves Riki Lighted Mirror! This is seriously a game changer product when it comes to applying your make up I literally don’t know how I did make up before having this mirror!! Highly recommend the splurge. Silk pillowcases are great for your hair and skin!! My skin looks so much better since I made the switch!

Okay Girlfriends that is it!! Hope you enjoyed this post and as always send me DM’s and Emails if you have questions!! Love you guys!! -Lex

Makeup Links Part 1

Makeup Links Part 2

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Top 10 Gifts for Babies From Walmart!

Hey Guys!! Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?? I am still in total shock about how it just creeped up so fast on me this year! I guess life with a 5 month old will do that to you! Time has gone by so much faster since Lucas arrived in July! And if I am being 100% honest I am NOT ready for Christmas in the slightest! I still have lots of shopping and wrapping left to do!! So in today’s blog post I wanted to give you mama’s out there a baby gift guide that can help you finish your Christmas shopping! I have picked out 10 MUST have baby gifts from Walmart! Lots of these gifts would also be awesome stocking stuffers for your babies!! I picked out toys that are good for your baby’s age starting at 3 months old and some of these are good for they are 6-12 months old! I wanted to make sure I included a good age range in my gift guide!

I have been doing lots of my online shopping during this holiday season on Walmart’s website because they have everything I need online and fast shipping! Walmart also carries premium baby brands and high quality brands. If you click on this link to Walmart’s website it will take to the baby items they carry and you can also click the age range you are shopping for! Walmart makes shopping for your little so convenient!!

Baby Gift #1 is the Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Tunes with Neptune Musical Activity Toy Bar

This toy is HANDS DOWN Lucas’ FAVORITE toy! This thing has been a lifesaver!!! We call the turtle in the middle “Froggy” because it looked like a frog to us and now when Lucas is upset one of us yells “Hurry go grab Froggy!!!” Anyways the turtle in the middle is removable for on the go fun and this toy connects to carriers and strollers! And it plays 65+ songs and melodies!

Baby Gift #2 Parent’s Choice Royal Plush Blanket (A Walmart exclusive brand)

Lucas LOVES this soft blanket! It was the best $10 I’ve ever spent from Walmart! Seriously grab one of these!

Baby Gift #3 Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This is another one of Lucas’ FAVORITE toys! This toy is sized perfectly for ages 3 months to 36 months! We started using it when Lucas was 3 months old and he’s now 5 months old and STILL loves this thing!

Baby Gift #4 Baby Einstein Creative Composer Musical Toy Gift Set

Can you tell I LOVE the brand baby Einstein? So glad Walmart carries this brand! This set would be a great gift!

Baby Gift #5 Bright Starts Sesame Street Friendly Monsters Cookie Monster and Elmo 3 Piece Gift Set

I couldn’t resist this set! It’s on sale for $9.99 and has two day shipping! Such a good deal and so adorable!

Baby Gift #6 VTech Stroll and Discover Activity Walker

We ordered this toy for Lucas and I am so excited to see him use this walker when he’s a little older! This toy features 5 light-up piano keys, 3 colorful shape sorters, a removable cell phone, spinning gears and more! This toy is for ages 9-36 months, So Lucas will have to wait a few months to use.

Baby Gift #7 Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Classic with 5 Colorful Rings

I thought these rings would be so much fun for Lucas to play with and he loves colorful toys! Great gift idea from Walmart!!

Baby Gift #8 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Colorful Game & Learn Controller

I liked how this toy really looks like a game controller. It introduces your baby to numbers, the alphabet, shapes, colors, and more. Good for ages 6 months to 36 Months.

Baby Gift #9 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy with 75+ Songs & Sounds

This puppy was just too cute to pass up!! Puppy’s hands, foot, ear, and light-up heart respond to baby’s touch 

Baby Gift #10 Infantino Spiral Stroller Fox Toy

I loved how this toy wraps around anywhere you need it to go! And the fox is just too adorable!

Shop Baby Gift Ideas From Walmart Below!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s blog post and as always all thoughts are my own!

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Baby Medicine Cabinet Must Haves For Winter From Walmart

I am so excited to share today’s blog post with Walmart because I always get asked what baby products I am using for Lucas! I’m sharing baby medicine cabinet must haves for winter, but honestly you need these products all year round! What I love about Walmart is that they carry everything you need for baby on their website at and most products have 1 or 2 day shipping!! I do about 90% of my baby shopping needs online because its just so convenient when you’re a new mom!

First off for winter you’re definitely going to want a thermometer to check on baby’s temperature! These are great options!

Saline Spray is a great item to have for baby’s stuffy nose and to go along with that is the famous “nose sucker” trust me you’ll want to grab one of these!!

If your baby is running a fever Baby Tylenol and Baby Vicks are awesome to have on hand during the winter! And there is a nifty baby medicine dispenser called the Medi Paci that I have pictured above, makes medicine time easier!

I am going to link up everything else that I have pictured on my table below right here so you can check it out! I am including just daily medicine items that are good to have such as grip water, the windi, vitamin D drops, nail files and clippers..etc!! Remember everything can be found on Walmart’s website!

I am also going to share more of my MUST have baby items that Walmart carries right here if you want to check those out!

Thank you for sponsoring today’s blog post! and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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My Birth Story

I am so excited to finally write out this blog post. My labor and delivery was unbelievable. If I could go back to July 5th and relive that day I definitely would. Zack and I talk about my labor all the time and how special it was.

I’m going to start with the day before, it was the Fourth of July and I was feeling pretty pregnant at 38 1/2 weeks. Zack was so excited for Lucas to get here and wanted me to try doing all the things the Dr had said to try. The doctors appointment we had at 38 weeks, they checked me out and I was already 3 cm dilated & 100% effaced and his head had dropped low. So the doctor basically told us at any given moment baby boy could come. And he had suggested that I eat pineapple , spicy pizza, sex…lol, lots of walking and bouncing on a ball. So how Zack and I spent the Fourth of July was eating lots of fresh pineapple, lots of walking around the house and bouncing on my exercise ball. I would literally log 1,000 steps on my Fitbit then get on my exercise ball for several minutes and then log another 1,000 steps on my Fitbit and get on my exercise ball for several minutes. I did that so many times that night on the Fourth of July. I probably ended my thousand steps and bouncing on the ball marathon around 10 o’clock that night. And Zack and I went to bed soon after, as I was obviously tired.

July 5th, 5:45 AM my water broke in the bed!! And I screamed “Zack it’s happening” really loud. Zack immediately jumped out of bed!!! I thought his head was going to hit the ceiling. Lol. Zack started getting dressed and packing the car. But guys, when I say my water broke, it really did break like something out of the movies, there was a huge gush of fluid that wouldn’t stop coming. I had to keep a towel in between my legs. I then called the doctors office and let them know my water had broke and they told me to wait until 8:30AM to come to the hospital because first time mothers usually labor for a long time and it’s better to do it at home since my contractions even hadn’t started yet. They suggested that I take a shower and make a hot breakfast and try to relax for as long as I could. So I jumped in the shower, did my hair & make up, went downstairs and started scrambling eggs and making English muffins. And by the time I was done scrambling the eggs and putting them on a plate, my contractions had started. And when I say contractions started they came on so fast and very painful. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my entire life. They started exactly 1 hour after my water broke And they did not let up, each one got more painful after the next and before I knew it my contractions were already five minutes apart, so we knew we had to run to the hospital ASAP. There was definitely no waiting until 8:30am to get to the hospital. Zack drove (flew lol) me to the hospital as fast as he could, which seemed like the longest car ride of my life but in reality it was only a 15 minute car ride and when they got me to the triage room I was a 7 cm dilated and contractions were two minutes apart so they knew if I wanted an epidural they would have to move quick. And by the pain I was in, I was definitely wanting the epidural!!!
I don’t even remember them moving me from the triage room to my room but Zack said that he was in such a hurry to get me out of the triage room that he’s the one that ended up pushing my bed to our room lol.
At this point my contractions were so strong and painful I was screaming out loud every time they came on and Zack was having to coach me on my breathing during each contraction, he would get in my face, lock eyes with me and say “breathe baby, you’ve got this” and he would do the breathing with me which helped so much until they could get the epidural. Guys when I say I was in pain… it was PAIN!!! (They say you forget the pain after the baby comes…NOPE, I will never in my life forget the pain lol) I was even screaming that Zack was getting snipped after this lol I was going legit going crazy!!! The epidural could not have come fast enough and if I’m being honest I was always really scared of getting the epidural because I don’t handle needles very well but the contraction pains were so strong I didn’t even feel the epidural going in at all. Getting the epidural was a piece of cake compared to the contraction pains. (My advice to anyone giving birth…GET THE EPIDURAL!!!) Once the epidural was in I was a completely different woman. The pain was basically 99% gone and I could relax and enjoy my labor and delivery. Zack and I watched the office for about an hour which was relaxing because he was so emotionally drained after coaching me through all of those contractions. (Also during the that time my nurse put a peanut ball in between my legs and rotated me on each side every 20 minutes or so. That helps the baby drop and get labor started faster. And let me tell you, it worked!!! ) Then during one visit my nurse came in and checked on me and I just casually told her “hey I’m feeling a little pressure down there”, so my nurse grabbed a midwife to check me and I was 10 cm dilated and his little head was down there so she grabbed the doctor right away and said it is time to start pushing. (During the actual pushing and labor, I had Zack by my head coaching me through the breathing, and I also had my grandmother in the roon with me (also known as Yaya) at the foot of my bed. So yes Yaya got a front row show of my entire birth! Which she will never stop talking about! Lol.
Before I knew it the doctor was in the room and was coaching me on how to breathe when pushing. My doctor was super patient with me and really believed in letting your body do the work for you and pushing during contractions and I really appreciated that because I didn’t want to tear. As hard as it is to relax when pushing, it’s really better to let your body do the work. I had done research and heard that you should breathe through the pushing and not just strain. I also read an article that said kissing your husband in between pushes/contractions would relax you and help with not tearing down there. So in between pushes I would get Zack to kiss me and then he would just say the most encouraging words to me. When it was time to start pushing and breathing he was doing the breathing with me which really helped. Basically Zack should be a labor and delivery coach! haha. During the actual pushing I was holding behind my legs if that makes sense. And about 15 minutes into the pushing Lucas head was starting to come out, And I immediately asked the doctor if he had hair lol (I was so concerned if he was going to have hair because Zack was bald for the first year of his life but I was born with a full head of Greek hair, so Zack and I were just so curious as to whether Lucas would have hair lol) and she said yes and then she asked me if I wanted to reach down & touch his head to give me motivation to really push and breathe through the next round of contractions. So I reached down and touched his little head (an experience I’ll never forget!) and it really did give me the motivation to start pushing and breathing harder during the next round of pushing. And it worked!!! Lucas came out during the next round of pushing, so in total it was 20 minutes of pushing & Lucas arrived at 12:09 PM. They immediately placed Lucas on my chest!! Oh, It was love at first sight. Another feeling I just can’t describe!! Zack did cut his umbilical cord which was also very special to see.

It was around six hours total from the time my water broke to the time Lucas came out. The fastest delivery for a first time mom!! Normally first time moms are in labor for several hours, so I feel extremely blessed that Lucas came as fast and healthy as he did. Within the first hour of Lucas being born I was already breast-feeding him. That was definitely something I will never forget. I was also very intimidated by breast-feeding before I had Lucas and when he went in for his first feeding, it just came so naturally to me. I was no longer scared but in heaven as I watched him feed.
That first night in the hospital was just so surreal. Zack slept on the couch beside my bed and we had Lucas in the bassinet in between us. I would wake up randomly in the night and see Zack standing over Lucas‘s bassinet just making sure he was breathing lol.
We were only in the hospital for one night since he came out so fast and the delivery was not complicated. While in the hospital we did have some professional pictures taken which I will share on this blog post. There’s no denying it that Lucas is Zack’s clone. lol.

My recovery has been really good, again I am super blessed for that. I got first-degree minimal tearing which isn’t bad at all. I can’t imagine having to take care of yourself after a hard labor/delivery and also taking care of a newborn baby at the same time. I finally feel like myself again. When I was pregnant I was just super sick all the time and had no energy so having my body back to myself as been the most amazing feeling in the world. I just absolutely love being a mom to our sweet Lucas Christopher!

Anyways I am so HAPPY that Lucas Christopher is finally here!!! He has brought so much joy and happiness to our entire family. I hope you guys enjoyed my birth story.

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Nursery Finds with Walmart

Similar Fur Loafers from Walmart:
Seriously the SOFTEST baby blanket from Walmart’s Parents Choice line
Such a great dupe for my crib!!!

I am SO excited to share some of my favorite nursery items that Walmart carries including my cozy shag rug down to this giant stuffed giraffe!! First of all, did you guys know that Walmart has an exclusive baby brand called Parents Choice? And this month ( October), Walmart will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Parents Choice!! I am a huge fan!! I recently purchased a few items from this line to test it out for you guys, and I LOVE what I got for Lucas Christoper’s nursery! The chevron crib sheets are ADORABLE (comes in a pack of two) and I bought the SOFTEST blanket pictured above are both from Parent’s Choice! They have a ton of amazing baby products at affordable prices!

Here are some best seller Parent’s Choice Baby Items to Check Out!

I love that Walmart is carrying everything you could possibly need to complete your baby’s nursery! Here are some of my nursery favorites from Walmart:

Also wanted to share more baby products that I personally own that are all LIFE SAVORS from and you can also click here to check out more baby products from Walmart! !

I hope this post was helpful for you mamas out there and a big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s blog post and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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Must Have Baby Sleep Products with Walmart

 Hi guys!! I am so excited to finally share my favorite baby sleep products that we use every single day for our sweet Lucas Christopher who is currently 10 weeks old. And the best part is that you can conveniently buy all of these baby products that I’m sharing at Walmart and if you can’t find them in your local store, you can always find your baby needs on Walmart’s website! Walmart is a one stop shop for Baby essentials!! This month is Walmart’s Best of Baby Month where there they will be offering over 700 deals online and a handful of Rollbacks available in store too.  Walmart is seriously stepping up their game in the baby department and they are carrying lots of high quality brands!! Click here to see their amazing baby selection.

Lucas is currently sleeping in the Halo Bassinest! What I love about this product is that it is conveniently right beside my bed which is perfect for those late night breast-feeding sessions. This bassinet also swivels in all directions which comes in handy! I love that I can pull Lucas close to me and then when I need to get out of the bed I can push the bassinet away so I have enough room to get out of bed! Lucas sleeps so soundly in this bassinet ! I highly recommend it! We put him in here for most of his naps as well. By the way, Walmart carries this halo bassinest with two day free delivery!! 

Another baby sleep product that I wanted to share with you that you can also get from Walmart is the Owlet Smart Sock 2! This sleep product tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep which gives you a peace of mind at night!! This one also has free two day shipping!!

A white noise machine is a must have sleep product for Lucas!! I use this portable white noise machine during all of his naps and when he sleeps at night! We have two of them just to make sure that one is always charged! 

The baby shusher sound machine is another amazing baby product that Walmart carries!’ This shush noise is very comforting to babies and I don’t know about you mamas, but I get so out of breath shushing Lucas and this machine comes in handy!! 

Right now we are using this Motorola baby monitor during the day when Lucas is napping upstairs and I am downstairs. This will be really good for when he is in his crib and is in his bedroom. But for now we just use it during nap time and I love it! It comes with two cameras and a monitor!! This product has free two day delivery!

Another sleep baby product that I highly recommend getting is a swaddle that Velcro‘s! Trust me, you’ll need that Velcro! The Swaddle Me’s are super adorable, affordable and also work wonderful! I bought a pack of three so Lucas would always have a clean one handy!And Walmart carries these with the free two day shipping! 

As far as sleep products go those are my must have baby sleep products that we use every single day!! 

I also wanted to share more highly recommended baby products below that are from Walmart such as the pack n play, baby swing, bouncer, bottles..etc 

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My Baby Registry & Must Have Baby Items

I am SO excited to finally share the MUST have baby items we got to prepare for baby Lucas Christopher. As you know may know, I just had baby boy! SO CRAZY! Our little man is here! Birth story post will be coming soon! Anyways I wanted to get this post up!! I hope you guys find this helpful and let me know if you have any questions!! I have documented which items we have used and loved so far too. Enjoy!! Love, Lex

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller in Jake – I am SO excited for this stroller!! When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted this stroller because it will grow with baby boy and if we decide to have another baby, it will also fit another baby it in. Not to mention it’s absolutely gorgeous and is so easy to use. We went with the color black which is the “JAKE”.

UPPAbaby MINU Adapter for the Nuna Carseat – We needed this so we could use our Carseat with the stroller.

Nuna PIPA LITE LX INFANT CARSEAT & BASE – We went with this one particularly because of the safety reviews and I loved how light weight it was. We got the color “Caviar” which is black to watch our stroller. (WE LOVE THIS CAR SEAT!!! It’s light weight, easy to use and have the best cover!)

Dual Facing Mirror– Love that we will be able to see baby when driving. ( Zack loves this for when he’s driving me and Lucas around)

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier in the color Pearl Grey – I can’t wait to carry baby boy around in this carrier!!

BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft in the color Dark Grey/Light Grey – I love how this bouncer is operated by baby and he can control his bounces in this.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag– in the color Butterscotch. Love how this is also a backpack. (MUST HAVE!!! Trust me, get this bag if you need a diaper bag! It fits everything!!!)

Baby ClothesCarters has been my go to place to shop for everything clothing related!

Honest DiapersWe LOVEEEE these and the honest wipes!!

Ryan and Rose Cutie PatsThese are amazing! I have like 10 of them and they are all over the house haha. Lucas LOVES these!!!

Zip up sleepersThese are AWESOME and 3 of them for $12.99 !! I ordered more of these today because they are so easy to use! MUST HAVE

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger for Baby – Loved that this lounger is made from organic cotton. (We use this everyday! It’s so soft and Lucas loves this)

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing – This swing came highly recommended.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Reversible Napper and Changer – These are a MUST have! We are going to keep ours downstairs so that we have another changing station for baby. (MUST HAVE!! We use this so much downstairs!! )

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor – This sock will monitor his breathing while he is sleeping, which will give us a peace of mind.

Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras – Zack did the research on baby monitors and picked this monitor.

Halo Bassinest Premiere Series Bedside Swivel SleeperWe already have this set up in our bedroom! I can’t wait to see him in this! (WE LOVE THIS BASSINET and so does Lucas)

Animal Friends Classic Activity Gym – This was too cute to pass up!!

Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket – Grabbed one of these in the color blue. This is obviously an luxury item for baby, but these are the softest blankets ever!!

Gray Hippo Interactive Nursery Playmat – Loved how soft this playmat is and the ears make noise!

Angelcare Baby Bath Tub – This was another baby item that came highly recommended.

FridaBaby Basics Kit Includes the FAMOUS snot sucker that every mom has said is a MUST HAVE! I also loved how there was a baby nail kit in this! ( We have used the nail file so far from this kit and loved it)

Tubby Todd The Essentials Gift Set – I’ll be trying these bath products as well as Honest bath products too.

Comotomo Silicone Bottles – Really hope he likes these bottles!!

Nanobebe Bottle Starter Set -Trying out these bottles too to see which ones he likes best!

Skip Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station & Diaper Clutch – Perfect for changing on the go!

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow – in the color Evening Gray (BUY THIS and bring to the hospital too, I have two of them and use them like crazy, they are great for when we have family over to visit Lucas and they can hold him with ease)

Spectra Baby S2 Double Electric Breast Pump in White/Pink – This was covered by insurance but wanted to share which one I went with!

Portable Sound Machine – Love how this one is so compact but yet puts out the best noise. (MUST HAVE!! Lucas LOVES this thing)

HALO Sleepsack , Copper Pearl Swaddles and SwaddleMe Original Swaddle- trying out all the swaddles. (So far we have used the SwaddleMe’s at night and LOVE THEM!! and the Copper Pearl is great for during the day and using them as blankets)

Bilana Swivel Glider Recliner in the color Dove – My best friend who has 3 babies HIGHLY recommended this recliner. I love how comfortable it is, the back is high enough to rest your head and it’s gorgeous in his nursery. (THIS CHAIR IS A MUST HAVE, it’s perfect for nursing)

Newton Baby Crib Mattress in the color white- I love how this mattress is breathable.

Blythe Convertible Crib – We got this crib in the color vintage gray. This might be the prettiest crib I have ever seen!! Zack & his mom had to drive 8 hours for this crib! At the time this color wasn’t online and I knew this was the crib I wanted and we used this crib to announce Little Man’s birth, so it’s extra special to me.

Blythe Dresser & Topper Set – We got this is the color vintage gray to match his crib.

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What’s in my Hospital Bag?

I am finally typing out everything I am bringing to the hospital! We have had our bags packed for weeks just in case little man arrived early! I have finally put the final touches on my bags so I am ready to share! BTW, I am an over packer so I am sure I have lots of extra items, but since this is my first baby, I just want to be prepared as I can be and as comfortable as possible!

7-24-19 I have updated this post to let you guys know what I actually used, honestly I used pretty much everything!)

For Mom:

Carry-On Hardside Spinner Suitcase (MUST HAVE, so easy to use)

Monogrammed Canvas Weekender Bag (MUST HAVE, loved this for my stay!)

2-3 Pairs of Nursing Friendly Pjs (ps- these are only $20) (MUST HAVE, trust me you want comfy pjs there)

Comfy Slippers (these are $18 and completely adorable) (MUST HAVE, trust me, you want slippers for their floor lol and I left mine there on purpose)

Nursing Seamless Bra – These are $17 and are so comfy! I’ve been wearing them for weeks now. (MUST HAVE, so comfy and I used them right away)

3 Robes. This one in gray. And these two robes in the white and blue colors. (MUST HAVE, I felt more presentable in my robes)

2-3 Wrap Nursing Sleep Bras – These are my fav!! I’ve been sleeping in them for months already, Highly recommend. (MUST HAVE, used these at night)

Cozy Blanket from Home– I love Barefoot Dream’s Blankets! (MUST HAVE, couldn’t have slept without mine lol)

Pillow– This one is hands down the best pillow I’ve ever owned! Zack even has one now and is bringing his! (MUST HAVE, YESSS bring your own pillow!!!)

Clip On Mini Fan – This is only $20 and on Prime. I plan on using this during labor when I’m burning up and I sleep with a fan next to our bed now for the sound, So I know this will come in handy (MUST HAVE, I was SO hot!! this fan was heavenly!!!!)

Belly Band– Not sure if I’ll use this right away but I have it in my bag just in case! (MUST HAVE for a few days after baby, didn’t use in hospital but I use it everyday now so still buy this!)

Tula Travel Size Kit– I love TULA skincare products!! So I purchased this travel size kit for my bag. PS- code ALEXAELIZABETH saves you 20% off any Tula!! (MUST HAVE, I felt so refreshed using my tula)

Toiletries and Makeup Bag- I am bringing travel size everything… shampoo, conditioner, razor, dry shampoo, face wipes, body wash…etc and for my makeup I am bringing a few of my favorites including my CC Cream (shade light), Shape Tape (Shade light sand), and Mascara etc… Also these HAIR TIES! These are the best!! (MUST HAVE, it felt nice to get ready and feel normal)

Cheap Rubber Flip Flops for the Shower- Zack also picked up a pair of these in the men’s version. I plan on leaving these there. (MUST HAVE if you shower there)

Towels and Wash Clothes from Home- I hear the hospital ones are awful and it’s comforting to have your own fluffy towels. (MUST HAVE if you shower there)

Phone Chargers with extra long cords, This Mophie Charger in the color rose gold, IPad, Laptop… all the electronics! haha! (MUST HAVE, we used my computer to watch the Office lol and my mophie charger was awesome to have)

Snacks and Stainless Steel Tumblers for Water- These are packed in Zack’s bag because I didn’t have any room left! LOL. (MUST HAVE, I brought Bark thins which were heavenly after delivery lol)

MomWasher Peri Bottle– the hospital provides a basic one, but I heard this one is a must have. (MUST HAVE, it sprays better than the hospital one)

Nursing Items- This Nipple Cream, these disposable Nursing Pads, These bamboo nursing pads (I’m going to test out both and see which is more comfortable) (MUST HAVE for when you get home!! Didn’t use any of these there! I love the disposable nursing pads!)

Nursing Pillow– This one came highly recommended! I hear its great to bring a nursing pillow because you are so tired about delivery and it’s easy to hold baby this way and for family members to use to hold baby. (MUST HAVE!!!! Used this so much, it was great for family members who wanted to hold Lucas too!)

Coming Home Dress– I picked this dress because its black, comfy, loose fitting, and will feel great after delivery. (MUST HAVE, I felt so comfy in this dress going home!)

For Baby Boy:

Diaper Bag BackPack – I love this bag! We got the color, “butterscotch” (MUST HAVE, I LOVE THIS BABY BAG!!)

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat & Base – We did a TON of research on car seats and I am so excited to use this one for baby boy.(MUST HAVE, Lucas loves his car seat)

PORTABLE WHITE NOISE MACHINE (MUST HAVE, we used this a lot, Lucas loves this sound machine!!)

2-3 Swaddles and the matching hats- These are SO soft!! I love everything from Copper Pearl!! (MUST HAVE, used these for the professional pictures)

Burp Cloths– I loved these prints!! ( didn’t use there, but use them daily now!!)

1-2 RYAN & ROSE – CUTIE PATS (MUST HAVE, Lucas loves these and we started using them right away, I didn’t like the cheap hospital ones lol )

His Coming Home Outfit- Keeping this one a secret, but it’s completely adorable 🙂

Decoration for my door- I saved my baby shower ribbons and made a cute ribbon door hanger. One of the ribbons says ” Welcome Little One” 🙂 (MUST HAVE, everyone loved my door hanger and made my room feel more personal!)

2-3 Newborn Sleepers– I loved this pack of pjs, 3 for $12.99 (MUST HAVE for when you get home, he sleeps in these every night, but didn’t use at hospital)

Baby Nail Kit– I hear that hospitals do not provide these, So I’m bringing this kit just in case baby has long nails. (MUST HAVE, Lucas came out with long nails so I used these there)

Okay friends, I think I have covered pretty much everything we are taking! Zack has his bag packed too which includes the basic things like toiletries, hair gel, pjs, a few outfits, pillow, blanket, flip flops for the shower, snacks..etc. I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave me questions below!!

Much Love, Alexa

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Maternity Pictures // 31 Week Bump Date// Pregnancy Q+A

These maternity pictures will forever be cherished by Zack and I! Thank you so much Deeana for capturing these precious moments!! I loved how they turned out!! We went to a whimsical rose garden to shoot them and it was exactly the vibe I was going for!!

My dress from PinkBlush was a DREAM for our Maternity photoshoot! I wanted something that was effortless, boho and classic. I’m wearing a size medium in it! And how adorable are these baby moccs from Freshly Picked??

31 Week BumpDate

I still can’t believe that I am in my third trimester! Not sure where the time is going! I have to say the biggest thing for me right now is NESTING! Holy Cow guys! I am a nesting crazy mama right now! I will wake up in the middle of the night with lists in my head of things that need to be done! His nursery is almost complete now! Just need to add a more wall decor pieces. Which has been a huge stress reliever for me, because I keep having dreams that he is coming early! Who knows when he will make his grand entrance! haha. But I will put together a nursery reveal blog post soon. I’m also back to eating meat again, which is huge because my iron was a little low at one of my doctor’s appointments, so now I have the excuse to eat the occasional five guys burger. haha. My energy level is a hit or miss these days, Some days I have a ton of energy and want to conquer the world, and other days I’m taking 3 hour long naps. His kicks and movements are SO STRONG now! Sometimes Zack will hear me yell “OWWW” and come running in the room to see if I’m okay, and I’m like, “It’s just him kicking me!!” He’s a VERY active baby! I am constantly feeling him move around, which is comforting since now I am supposed to be doing “kick counts” and tracking how often he moves until he arrives. I also have to go to the Dr every other week now to check up on him until he arrives. At my last Dr’s appointment, we were told that he is head now right now, So let’s pray he stays that way! Next thing on our agenda is to take a hospital tour. We have that scheduled for the end of the month. I’m excited about that because since this is our first baby, it will be nice to know exactly where to go and what to expect when we get to the hospital.

Pregnancy Q+A

Q: How far in advance will I pack my hospital bag?

A: This is such a good question! So I am 31 weeks now, but I keep hearing stories about how women are going into labor early. So I think I’m to try to have my bag packed at week 35 to just be safe!

Q: What are my Favorite Maternity Bras?

A: For sleeping or lounging around the house this bra is the BEST. I have like 7 of them so I can always have a clean one to sleep in! They are nursing bras too, so it’s great to already have these! For a sports bra, these are my favorite to wear to Pure Barre! I just sized up 2 sizes. And for a normal bra, I sized up 2 cup sizes in the Body by Victoria Bra. Yes I have gone up two cup sizes so far!! haha. For nursing bras, I plan on wearing these.

Q: Do you have his name picked out?

A: YES!! We have known his name since we found out we were having a boy! I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to share his sweet name when he arrives! Our close friends and family do know the name though, we aren’t being that secretive! haha

Q: Where do you shop for maternity clothes?

A: For the most part, Pink Blush Maternity ! They have been amazing, I love all of the dresses from them. I also really like Bae the Label! I pretty much only wear dresses now, I have not been a fan of maternity jeans!

Q: Do I plan on breastfeeding?

A: Yes! But I am giving myself grace, if it doesn’t work out, I will not beat myself up over it. I know that it comes so naturally and easy for some women and others it is a challenge. My friend Brittany told me that it’s new for me AND for baby boy. So try to look at it like we are learning and bonding together.

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Spring Favorites Under $20

My Outfit Links:
Circle Tote

My biggest request from you ladies lately has been to find you more affordable pieces for spring! Walmart has had the cutest spring clothes and accessories, So I wanted to do a roundup of their adorable dresses, spring bags & jumpsuits that are all under $20!!

Here are 22 different Dresses & Jumpsuits I found that are all under $20!!

Here are 10 Spring Bags that are all under $20!!

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