My Top 3 Tips For Beginner Bloggers // Tartan Poncho Scarf

Tartan Poncho Scarf

Tartan Poncho Scarf

Tartan Poncho Scarf


Tartan Poncho Scarf





Tartan Poncho Scarf

Outfit Details: Tartan Poncho Blanket Scarf (only $35 so hurry!!) // Cooper +Baileys Freshly Baked Sweater // Booties // Jeans // Hat (similar)

Before I go into my blogging advice I have to brag about this poncho from Cooper and Baileys! I love that its a two for one! It can be a blanket scarf AND a poncho…oh and the best has POCKETS! So cute! I went shopping on Saturday and Meghan(C+B owner) told me about this poncho that I would love.  I immediately tried it on over my clothes and one second later a lady who was shopping in the store saw it and said, “Where is that poncho in the store?! I need it!” and bought the first one  before they were even out on the floor! So hurry and order yours before they are all gone! I am in love this boutique! I have been shopping here for a few years and have always loved everything they carry! Seriously ladies, you need to be following Cooper and Baileys, they are always getting in new trendy clothing!

tips for beginner bloggers

1. JUST DO IT! Have you ever dreamed about starting a fashion blog?! DO IT! I have always wanted to do a lifestyle blog but have been too nervous to start. What would people think? What if I fail? But it comes a time in life where you need to get “comfortable with being uncomfortable!” -words of wisdom from my Dad who told me to not worry about what others thought and pursue my dreams! My biggest advice, is just start today even if you are not ready, START! Blogs do not need to be professional right away, wait until you are “big time” to pay someone to vamp up your blog.

2. Choose your blog name! This can be time-consuming  + lots of brainstorming, but it needs to be perfect because you are more than likely stuck with this name! You want your blog name to be simple, creative and memorable. I knew I wanted to do a lifestyle blog that way I could talk about everything in my life from cooking, workouts, travel, beauty, shopping, you know all the things that make me, me! I loved the way “Lifestyles With Lex” sounded & “Lex” is what my close friends and family call me. I had an instant connection with my blog name. Choose something that lets people know what kind of blog it is without them even having to look at your blog.

3. Do get a designated photographer!  I would get your significant other or a close family member to take your pictures!  There is nothing wrong with even using an iPhone when you start out. But I wanted to have professional pictures for my blog and Instagram because it is way more appealing and I am all in when it comes to blogging. I know buying a DSLR camera can be so overwhelming and don’t even get me started on finding the perfect lens! But do your research and you can find good deals on Amazon!

Okay there is my advice for starting a blog! I hope guys have enjoyed this post! Let me know if I you would like to know more blogging tips or behind the scenes information in future post!

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  1. Love your advice!! I’ve been thinking of adding more fashion to my blog but it’s definitely intimidating – what kind of camera do you use?! I’ve been looking for a DSLR but can’t decide which one to get!!

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