How I made $1,000 from Cleaning out my Closet

$1,000. You heard right! I had no idea I had made that much money in a few short months by cleaning out my closet but I recently looked at my total sales so far and it was a little over $1,000! I couldn’t believe it! And it honestly couldn’t have been easier! So how did I make $1,000?? PoshMark! Poshmark is the easiest way to sell your gently used clothes! Selling your items can be done in minutes on your phone using the Poshmark app! Unlike ebay and other companies, they pay for the shipping! That was my biggest reason for trying out Poshmark. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost money on ebay from the shipping! When an item sells on Poshmark they simply email you a label and you use a free usps box (you order these boxes online and they come to your door..for freee!) and then simply package up your sold items and stick them in the mailbox! It is that simple!

A Few Tips:

Order these and these free boxes (These sizes fit perfectly in my mailbox, this way I don’t have to go to the Post Office)

Price everything fairly, items that are priced too high will not get you sales. Yes you may have paid $50 for that sweater but now its worth about $10. I would rather sell lots of clothing for cheap and get PAID rather than having it all sit in my closet still.

Take good quality pictures that really show the clothing for what it is, do not ever try to deceive your buyers because you want to build a trustworthy relationship with them

Offer a discount bundle (I offer 15% off when you buy 2 or more items)

Have a printer at home

Get fun colored or printed tissue paper to wrap up your clothes in

Include a thank note

Send everything that sells ASAP! The quicker you send an item the quicker you get $$$

Use my code ” JWCKK ” when signing up for the Poshmark app & you will automatically have a $5 credit! Wish I had this code when I signed up!

Be sure to check my personal Poshmark account because I am adding new items daily and still have so much more to list! My username is @alexaelizabeth

Happy Poshing!!

blanket scarf

(Thinking about listing this dress + scarf!)


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