Baby Doll Dress + 5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

Outfit Details: Baby Doll Dress from Catch Bliss , TB Sandals in color “sand”


Happy Friday Loves!! TGIF! Can I get an amen?!

Today I am sharing with you the sweetest baby doll dress from Catch Bliss Boutique! When I saw this dress, I knew right away it would be an awesome summer dress! Stripes, blue & white, nautical, has pockets & it’s 100% cotton! I mean it hits all the summer criteria that I look for when dress shopping! I have been a big fan of Catch Bliss for awhile now, I also have my eyes on this dress & this dress! Definitely check them out for those vacations coming up!!

Something I get asked all the time is how did I grow my Instagram following! I wish there was a cut and dry answer to this! Trust me I would love to know the secret too! 🙂 Honestly it just takes lots of time, dedication, & creativity! I have learned a few tips along the way that I will share! I am still learning more and more about social media everyday and it’s constantly changing! I hope these tips help you grow your Instagram! Remember we are all in this together! Good Luck!!!

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram:

  1. Be consistent! If you are wanting to make blogging a full-time career, you have to be consistent! Post at least once daily on your Instagram! Most of the big time bloggers post twice a day! I only post once a day because I want there to be quality over quantity!
  2. Be Social. If someone took the time to comment on your picture, reply back, go to their page and leave them a sweet comment on their latest picture! Pay it forward! I gaurantee you that person will probably always follow you because you made the effort!
  3. Post at Optimal Hours! I wouldn’t post a picture in the middle of the night because who is going to see that?? Post when you feel like your target audience is on their smartphones! This could be lunch time hours, after dinner hours, or maybe even right before work hours! And try out different times and see what pictures got the most likes and start posting at that time everyday! It’s honestly all trial and error.
  4. Post Good Quality Pictures! This is huge! You want people to come back to your page and feel inspired when they look at your pictures! Try to make sure there is good lighting! Bright pictures are happy pictures!
  5. Have a Theme! You want people to understand exactly what it is that you do from the moment they see your page! Make it clear! If you are a fitness account, make sure you are posting about healthy eating, workout clothing or fitness routines, not random pictures of your dog (which are fine on occasion! haha) When people go to my Instagram page, it is clear that I am a fashion blogger, I post my daily outfits, share beauty tips..etc. and if they like my sense of style, they will more than likely start following me to get daily outfit inspiration from me!

And remember to have fun!!!

Thank you Catch Bliss for sponsoring today’s blog post!

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