The All Things Cozy Instagram Round Up



Hi Friends!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful first week of 2018!! It has been the coldest week of my life here in Charlotte! No joke! It’s freezing! So I wanted to do a cozy roundup of all my current favorites!! And this is a good way to see my latest Instagram outfits in case you have missed them!!

Enjoy My Cozy Picks!!



The warmest pullover in the entire world (under $80, comes in 4 colors), OTK Boots ($49, color is taupe), Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans


Softest sweater in the world and I love the ruffle sleeves!! (under $60), Cutest Beanie Ever (under $20), Favorite pair of fuzzy socks($8) , Lip Sticks (Colors Baci, Carmello, and Petina) ,   $35 Pineapple Phone Case, Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans


My best selling sweater dress!! (On sale for $50…Seriously its so flattering and soft! Wearing a size 6), My favorite pair of sandals (color sand), Pineapple Phone Case


Fuzzy sweater… I love that this one is light weight!! (under $40), Cutest Beanie Ever (under $20), Favorite pair of fuzzy socks($8) , Lip Sticks (Colors Baci, Carmello, and Petina) , Pineapple Phone Case, Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans


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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Happy Lilly Wednesday Friends!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with Lilly! I always have been! The quality of their pieces are amazing and I love the bright fun colors for Spring and Summer!! I always wear a Lilly dress for Easter too!!

Anyways the AFTER PARTY sale is the best time in the world to stock up on Lilly dresses and rompers!!

Here what pieces I bought from the sale:


More Goodies that I should have bought from the sale:


My Honest Thoughts from This After Party Sale:

In the past this sale has made me SO mad! It would take me hours to enter the site, the wait in line was crazy long, the website was so slow and things would sell out as I was putting them in my cart.. So if I am being honest with you guys, I almost said, “nope…not even going to try to shop this sale…it’s not worth the headache.”

But here’s what happened today..

I went to the Lilly website around noon, had a 5 minute wait, the website was running at a normal speed and checking out was a breeze !! BEST SALE THEY HAVE EVER DONE! Thank You Lilly for finally fixing this sale and making the experience a good one! So that is why I decided to do a blog post for you guys because I want you to give shopping the AFTER PARTY another chance because I did and I am so excited for my purchase! But you do need to be patient with the shipping! It could take 3 weeks for your order to arrive which in my opinion is awesome because it’s calling for snow today in Charlotte…so getting summer dresses and rompers in 3 weeks is no biggie because I can’t wear them for awhile anyways! AND it gives me a chance to get my legs back in shape for these dresses! So honestly I couldn’t be happier with Lilly today!!

So do yourself a favor and go shop the sale and buy a dress that can motivate you to workout and get ready for the summer!!

Have fun shopping babes!!!

Enter the AFTER PARTY Sale Here 


See all of my favorite from the sale here:

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