25 Week BumpDate and All Things Pregnancy So Far!!

Our announcement picture that my Dad took in the nursery!

I still can’t believe I am typing out this blog post! I never thought I would be so blessed to be carrying a sweet baby BOY! Yes, we are having a precious little boy! Zack & I are both over the moon excited for this little man to join our family later this summer!

Where to even begin!! We found out near Thanksgiving that we were expecting our first baby, which worked out wonderful since all of our family was in town. Zack and I actually hosted Thanksgiving this year which again worked out perfectly! We could not wait share the news with everyone! To say both families were overjoyed would be an UNDERSTATEMENT! I’m an only child and the only grandchild, so my family has been waiting for a new baby for many years! Then when we found out we were expecting a boy, this was HUGE because there are no boy grandchildren in Zack’s family or on my side, so this little boy is going to be so spoiled and so loved to say the least!! Anyways waking up on Christmas morning was extra special this year, knowing we had the sweetest present in the world on the way!

First Trimester:

First of all, I want to say my heart goes out there to everyone who is struggling to get pregnant or have had miscarriages. I want you to know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We have so many friends who have lost babies and I know hearing about another woman’s pregnancy is not the easiest thing in the world when you are wanting to have a baby. My heart seriously does ache for you! All that to say, that while I do feel extremely blessed to be pregnant, first trimester was not a cake walk for me, but I tried to never complain about it on social media because I know there are so many women out there who would give anything to be pregnant and I didn’t want to come across as ungrateful.

During the first trimester, I was basically sick 24/7 with morning sickness. I have no idea why they even call it morning sickness because it definitely is an all day sickness, at least it was for me. Which explains why I was so MIA on stories and posting. The last thing I wanted to do was a try on session. I didn’t have any strange food cravings during this time though, however I had SEVERAL food aversions!! I have always loved coffee and Starbucks speciality drinks during the holidays, well let’s just say I did not partake in any of those fun drinks this year! Some of my crazy food aversions included: Coffee, any kind of Chicken, anything fried (yes this meant no Chick-fil-A), Red Meat, Seafood and certain vegetables like broccoli, kale… basically any veggies that had an “odor” to them according to me. All I wanted to eat was carbs!! Give me all the carbs!! Anything that would settle my stomach. So other than the 24/7 nausea and crazy food aversions, First trimester wasn’t that bad!

Second Trimester:

Around week 17 my nausea went completely away!! I started to feel like myself again!! My aversion to coffee is slowly starting to ween off, but I still can’t do any meat right now. Which we did talk to our doctor about and she said she is a vegetarian and was one during all of her pregnancies and told us to not to worry about it at all because there are several ways to get your protein in for the baby. Here are some ways I get my protein in for baby boy, every morning I start my day off with a glass of OJ, two organic cage free whole eggs with shredded cheese, a slice of Ezekiel toast, then I go to my Pure Barre workout, then afterwards I grab a green protein smoothie that has almond butter, almond milk, banana, protein powder, kale and spinach. For lunch or dinner I usually do a big salad with lots of veggies and avocado. Pasta with veggies is another great meal. I also make chickpea pasta which has great protein in it. And of course LOTS OF SNACKS! My favorite pregnancy snacks have been: Starbucks egg white bites, almonds, cashews, dates, string cheese, strawberry cheesecake flavored greek yogurt, apple slices with peanut butter, fresh veggies dipped in plain greek yogurt, a bowl of green beans, a small baked potato with cheese & plain greek yogurt (the list could go on & on and changes weekly based on what I’m craving). I also drink plenty of water throughout the day!!! I promise, baby boy is getting great nutrition! Zack and I do so much research on food before I eat anything! I also have brag on Zack for a minute and say he’s been the real MVP during this entire pregnancy! He has pregnancy apps on his phone so he can keep up baby boy’s growth, he never misses a doctors appointment, he scheduled our baby classes and hospital tour, he does so much research on baby products, not to mention he worked his butt off getting the nursery ready, tells me how thankful he is for me to be carrying our baby, tells me how beautiful I look pregnant daily (trust me ladies, you need to hear that when pregnant because you don’t feel pretty most days lol!!) He’s just been so supportive, I could go on & on!! I seriously couldn’t ask for a better partner during this journey!

24 Weeks Bumping at our favorite Italian Place!
Outfit Details:
Maternity Jumpsuit

Anyways second trimester has been throughly welcomed!! I have way more energy now and feel like “Alexa” again!! We are in full on nesting mode and are really starting to work on getting his nursery done, which I have to say has been my FAVORITE thing! I love to design and decorate! I immediately had a vision of what I wanted his space to look like when we found out he was a boy. I want his room to be cozy, but yet classic. We are sticking with neutral colors, grey & white, with small pops of baby blue. I have always had a love for animals and I know baby boy will too, so his room will also have a “safari theme” which will include: elephants, lions and giraffes. I was going to stick to strictly elephants but I kept finding really cute giraffe pieces from Homegoods and decided I would branch out and add few more animals to his room. And I have to say, I LOVE how it’s turning out!!! I have been sharing updates weekly on my Instagram story of his sweet nursery so make sure you guys are watching those.

Random Pregnancy Things:

As far working out goes, I have kept up with my Pure Barre classes for the most part! And I have to say they have been a LIFE SAVOR! I checked with my doctor on the first visit to make sure these classes were safe and my doctor highly recommended Pure Barre during pregnancy. Pure Barre has three types of classes: Classic, Empower and Reform. I have strictly stuck with the Classic classes during this pregnancy and I will pick up the other 2 classes after baby is born, when I am trying to lose the baby weight. Also if you are taking barre classes while pregnant, make sure you let your owner & instructor know that you are expecting and that way they can assist you with any modifications which you will definitely need when your growing baby bump is in the way. Another thing I have been trying to keep up with is “getting my steps in” and I use a fitbit watch to track how much I’m walking daily.

24 Week Baby Bump at the Barre

My hair, skin and nails have never looked better! Pre-natal vitamins obviously help out with that too. I will have to share my updated skin care routine with you guys since my routine has become more mild and way less products and steps. If you scroll over to the right side of my website, you can see where I have linked my “pregnancy skin care” if you want to check out those products! Use code “ALEXAELIZABETH” to save 20% off any of these Tula products!! I will link them below too!

BABY KICKS!!! Oh my goodness you guys!! How I love feeling baby kicks!! We were really lucky and started feeling him move around week 16!! I remember feeling those small flutters for the first time and I just fell in love! I’m currently 25 weeks, and his kicks are way more powerful! You can even see him moving around now, which is just wild to me! He now wakes me up in the morning kicking, telling me that he’s hungry. So I have a little alarm clock in my belly telling me when to eat! lol. It’s also so much fun to play songs for him and see which ones he likes. Right now he loves Lion King! Specifically the song “I can’t wait to be king”! lol. He’s obviously used to hearing all of my old school 90’s music in the car too.

Maternity clothes have been a life savor!! My favorite place to shop for maternity is PinkBlush!! They have the cutest dresses!! I have been loving bodycon dresses to show to off the bump because I feel like right now if I’m not wearing something tight around my belly, then I don’t look pregnant lol So I’m embracing the bump!!

We have our next big doctors appointment next week for the glucose test! So wish me luck on that!! We also have another ultrasound scheduled since he was a wiggle worm last time and wouldn’t show his face on camera! lol.

Here are some of my Pregnancy MUST HAVES! Including my pillow, $20 pjs that I own in every color, my belly butter, sleeping bra, comfy bump friendly undies, all natural deodorant..etc

Anyways there’s what has been going on with us!! I will try to be better at giving bumpdates for you guys!!

XOXO, Alexa

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