What’s in my Hospital Bag?

I am finally typing out everything I am bringing to the hospital! We have had our bags packed for weeks just in case little man arrived early! I have finally put the final touches on my bags so I am ready to share! BTW, I am an over packer so I am sure I have lots of extra items, but since this is my first baby, I just want to be prepared as I can be and as comfortable as possible!

7-24-19 I have updated this post to let you guys know what I actually used, honestly I used pretty much everything!)

For Mom:

Carry-On Hardside Spinner Suitcase (MUST HAVE, so easy to use)

Monogrammed Canvas Weekender Bag (MUST HAVE, loved this for my stay!)

2-3 Pairs of Nursing Friendly Pjs (ps- these are only $20) (MUST HAVE, trust me you want comfy pjs there)

Comfy Slippers (these are $18 and completely adorable) (MUST HAVE, trust me, you want slippers for their floor lol and I left mine there on purpose)

Nursing Seamless Bra – These are $17 and are so comfy! I’ve been wearing them for weeks now. (MUST HAVE, so comfy and I used them right away)

3 Robes. This one in gray. And these two robes in the white and blue colors. (MUST HAVE, I felt more presentable in my robes)

2-3 Wrap Nursing Sleep Bras – These are my fav!! I’ve been sleeping in them for months already, Highly recommend. (MUST HAVE, used these at night)

Cozy Blanket from Home– I love Barefoot Dream’s Blankets! (MUST HAVE, couldn’t have slept without mine lol)

Pillow– This one is hands down the best pillow I’ve ever owned! Zack even has one now and is bringing his! (MUST HAVE, YESSS bring your own pillow!!!)

Clip On Mini Fan – This is only $20 and on Prime. I plan on using this during labor when I’m burning up and I sleep with a fan next to our bed now for the sound, So I know this will come in handy (MUST HAVE, I was SO hot!! this fan was heavenly!!!!)

Belly Band– Not sure if I’ll use this right away but I have it in my bag just in case! (MUST HAVE for a few days after baby, didn’t use in hospital but I use it everyday now so still buy this!)

Tula Travel Size Kit– I love TULA skincare products!! So I purchased this travel size kit for my bag. PS- code ALEXAELIZABETH saves you 20% off any Tula!! (MUST HAVE, I felt so refreshed using my tula)

Toiletries and Makeup Bag- I am bringing travel size everything… shampoo, conditioner, razor, dry shampoo, face wipes, body wash…etc and for my makeup I am bringing a few of my favorites including my CC Cream (shade light), Shape Tape (Shade light sand), and Mascara etc… Also these HAIR TIES! These are the best!! (MUST HAVE, it felt nice to get ready and feel normal)

Cheap Rubber Flip Flops for the Shower- Zack also picked up a pair of these in the men’s version. I plan on leaving these there. (MUST HAVE if you shower there)

Towels and Wash Clothes from Home- I hear the hospital ones are awful and it’s comforting to have your own fluffy towels. (MUST HAVE if you shower there)

Phone Chargers with extra long cords, This Mophie Charger in the color rose gold, IPad, Laptop… all the electronics! haha! (MUST HAVE, we used my computer to watch the Office lol and my mophie charger was awesome to have)

Snacks and Stainless Steel Tumblers for Water- These are packed in Zack’s bag because I didn’t have any room left! LOL. (MUST HAVE, I brought Bark thins which were heavenly after delivery lol)

MomWasher Peri Bottle– the hospital provides a basic one, but I heard this one is a must have. (MUST HAVE, it sprays better than the hospital one)

Nursing Items- This Nipple Cream, these disposable Nursing Pads, These bamboo nursing pads (I’m going to test out both and see which is more comfortable) (MUST HAVE for when you get home!! Didn’t use any of these there! I love the disposable nursing pads!)

Nursing Pillow– This one came highly recommended! I hear its great to bring a nursing pillow because you are so tired about delivery and it’s easy to hold baby this way and for family members to use to hold baby. (MUST HAVE!!!! Used this so much, it was great for family members who wanted to hold Lucas too!)

Coming Home Dress– I picked this dress because its black, comfy, loose fitting, and will feel great after delivery. (MUST HAVE, I felt so comfy in this dress going home!)

For Baby Boy:

Diaper Bag BackPack – I love this bag! We got the color, “butterscotch” (MUST HAVE, I LOVE THIS BABY BAG!!)

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat & Base – We did a TON of research on car seats and I am so excited to use this one for baby boy.(MUST HAVE, Lucas loves his car seat)

PORTABLE WHITE NOISE MACHINE (MUST HAVE, we used this a lot, Lucas loves this sound machine!!)

2-3 Swaddles and the matching hats- These are SO soft!! I love everything from Copper Pearl!! (MUST HAVE, used these for the professional pictures)

Burp Cloths– I loved these prints!! ( didn’t use there, but use them daily now!!)

1-2 RYAN & ROSE – CUTIE PATS (MUST HAVE, Lucas loves these and we started using them right away, I didn’t like the cheap hospital ones lol )

His Coming Home Outfit- Keeping this one a secret, but it’s completely adorable 🙂

Decoration for my door- I saved my baby shower ribbons and made a cute ribbon door hanger. One of the ribbons says ” Welcome Little One” 🙂 (MUST HAVE, everyone loved my door hanger and made my room feel more personal!)

2-3 Newborn Sleepers– I loved this pack of pjs, 3 for $12.99 (MUST HAVE for when you get home, he sleeps in these every night, but didn’t use at hospital)

Baby Nail Kit– I hear that hospitals do not provide these, So I’m bringing this kit just in case baby has long nails. (MUST HAVE, Lucas came out with long nails so I used these there)

Okay friends, I think I have covered pretty much everything we are taking! Zack has his bag packed too which includes the basic things like toiletries, hair gel, pjs, a few outfits, pillow, blanket, flip flops for the shower, snacks..etc. I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave me questions below!!

Much Love, Alexa

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