Must Have Baby Sleep Products with Walmart

 Hi guys!! I am so excited to finally share my favorite baby sleep products that we use every single day for our sweet Lucas Christopher who is currently 10 weeks old. And the best part is that you can conveniently buy all of these baby products that I’m sharing at Walmart and if you can’t find them in your local store, you can always find your baby needs on Walmart’s website! Walmart is a one stop shop for Baby essentials!! This month is Walmart’s Best of Baby Month where there they will be offering over 700 deals online and a handful of Rollbacks available in store too.  Walmart is seriously stepping up their game in the baby department and they are carrying lots of high quality brands!! Click here to see their amazing baby selection.

Lucas is currently sleeping in the Halo Bassinest! What I love about this product is that it is conveniently right beside my bed which is perfect for those late night breast-feeding sessions. This bassinet also swivels in all directions which comes in handy! I love that I can pull Lucas close to me and then when I need to get out of the bed I can push the bassinet away so I have enough room to get out of bed! Lucas sleeps so soundly in this bassinet ! I highly recommend it! We put him in here for most of his naps as well. By the way, Walmart carries this halo bassinest with two day free delivery!! 

Another baby sleep product that I wanted to share with you that you can also get from Walmart is the Owlet Smart Sock 2! This sleep product tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep which gives you a peace of mind at night!! This one also has free two day shipping!!

A white noise machine is a must have sleep product for Lucas!! I use this portable white noise machine during all of his naps and when he sleeps at night! We have two of them just to make sure that one is always charged! 

The baby shusher sound machine is another amazing baby product that Walmart carries!’ This shush noise is very comforting to babies and I don’t know about you mamas, but I get so out of breath shushing Lucas and this machine comes in handy!! 

Right now we are using this Motorola baby monitor during the day when Lucas is napping upstairs and I am downstairs. This will be really good for when he is in his crib and is in his bedroom. But for now we just use it during nap time and I love it! It comes with two cameras and a monitor!! This product has free two day delivery!

Another sleep baby product that I highly recommend getting is a swaddle that Velcro‘s! Trust me, you’ll need that Velcro! The Swaddle Me’s are super adorable, affordable and also work wonderful! I bought a pack of three so Lucas would always have a clean one handy!And Walmart carries these with the free two day shipping! 

As far as sleep products go those are my must have baby sleep products that we use every single day!! 

I also wanted to share more highly recommended baby products below that are from Walmart such as the pack n play, baby swing, bouncer, bottles..etc 

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