Baby Medicine Cabinet Must Haves For Winter From Walmart

I am so excited to share today’s blog post with Walmart because I always get asked what baby products I am using for Lucas! I’m sharing baby medicine cabinet must haves for winter, but honestly you need these products all year round! What I love about Walmart is that they carry everything you need for baby on their website at and most products have 1 or 2 day shipping!! I do about 90% of my baby shopping needs online because its just so convenient when you’re a new mom!

First off for winter you’re definitely going to want a thermometer to check on baby’s temperature! These are great options!

Saline Spray is a great item to have for baby’s stuffy nose and to go along with that is the famous “nose sucker” trust me you’ll want to grab one of these!!

If your baby is running a fever Baby Tylenol and Baby Vicks are awesome to have on hand during the winter! And there is a nifty baby medicine dispenser called the Medi Paci that I have pictured above, makes medicine time easier!

I am going to link up everything else that I have pictured on my table below right here so you can check it out! I am including just daily medicine items that are good to have such as grip water, the windi, vitamin D drops, nail files and clippers..etc!! Remember everything can be found on Walmart’s website!

I am also going to share more of my MUST have baby items that Walmart carries right here if you want to check those out!

Thank you for sponsoring today’s blog post! and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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My Birth Story

I am so excited to finally write out this blog post. My labor and delivery was unbelievable. If I could go back to July 5th and relive that day I definitely would. Zack and I talk about my labor all the time and how special it was.

I’m going to start with the day before, it was the Fourth of July and I was feeling pretty pregnant at 38 1/2 weeks. Zack was so excited for Lucas to get here and wanted me to try doing all the things the Dr had said to try. The doctors appointment we had at 38 weeks, they checked me out and I was already 3 cm dilated & 100% effaced and his head had dropped low. So the doctor basically told us at any given moment baby boy could come. And he had suggested that I eat pineapple , spicy pizza, sex…lol, lots of walking and bouncing on a ball. So how Zack and I spent the Fourth of July was eating lots of fresh pineapple, lots of walking around the house and bouncing on my exercise ball. I would literally log 1,000 steps on my Fitbit then get on my exercise ball for several minutes and then log another 1,000 steps on my Fitbit and get on my exercise ball for several minutes. I did that so many times that night on the Fourth of July. I probably ended my thousand steps and bouncing on the ball marathon around 10 o’clock that night. And Zack and I went to bed soon after, as I was obviously tired.

July 5th, 5:45 AM my water broke in the bed!! And I screamed “Zack it’s happening” really loud. Zack immediately jumped out of bed!!! I thought his head was going to hit the ceiling. Lol. Zack started getting dressed and packing the car. But guys, when I say my water broke, it really did break like something out of the movies, there was a huge gush of fluid that wouldn’t stop coming. I had to keep a towel in between my legs. I then called the doctors office and let them know my water had broke and they told me to wait until 8:30AM to come to the hospital because first time mothers usually labor for a long time and it’s better to do it at home since my contractions even hadn’t started yet. They suggested that I take a shower and make a hot breakfast and try to relax for as long as I could. So I jumped in the shower, did my hair & make up, went downstairs and started scrambling eggs and making English muffins. And by the time I was done scrambling the eggs and putting them on a plate, my contractions had started. And when I say contractions started they came on so fast and very painful. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my entire life. They started exactly 1 hour after my water broke And they did not let up, each one got more painful after the next and before I knew it my contractions were already five minutes apart, so we knew we had to run to the hospital ASAP. There was definitely no waiting until 8:30am to get to the hospital. Zack drove (flew lol) me to the hospital as fast as he could, which seemed like the longest car ride of my life but in reality it was only a 15 minute car ride and when they got me to the triage room I was a 7 cm dilated and contractions were two minutes apart so they knew if I wanted an epidural they would have to move quick. And by the pain I was in, I was definitely wanting the epidural!!!
I don’t even remember them moving me from the triage room to my room but Zack said that he was in such a hurry to get me out of the triage room that he’s the one that ended up pushing my bed to our room lol.
At this point my contractions were so strong and painful I was screaming out loud every time they came on and Zack was having to coach me on my breathing during each contraction, he would get in my face, lock eyes with me and say “breathe baby, you’ve got this” and he would do the breathing with me which helped so much until they could get the epidural. Guys when I say I was in pain… it was PAIN!!! (They say you forget the pain after the baby comes…NOPE, I will never in my life forget the pain lol) I was even screaming that Zack was getting snipped after this lol I was going legit going crazy!!! The epidural could not have come fast enough and if I’m being honest I was always really scared of getting the epidural because I don’t handle needles very well but the contraction pains were so strong I didn’t even feel the epidural going in at all. Getting the epidural was a piece of cake compared to the contraction pains. (My advice to anyone giving birth…GET THE EPIDURAL!!!) Once the epidural was in I was a completely different woman. The pain was basically 99% gone and I could relax and enjoy my labor and delivery. Zack and I watched the office for about an hour which was relaxing because he was so emotionally drained after coaching me through all of those contractions. (Also during the that time my nurse put a peanut ball in between my legs and rotated me on each side every 20 minutes or so. That helps the baby drop and get labor started faster. And let me tell you, it worked!!! ) Then during one visit my nurse came in and checked on me and I just casually told her “hey I’m feeling a little pressure down there”, so my nurse grabbed a midwife to check me and I was 10 cm dilated and his little head was down there so she grabbed the doctor right away and said it is time to start pushing. (During the actual pushing and labor, I had Zack by my head coaching me through the breathing, and I also had my grandmother in the roon with me (also known as Yaya) at the foot of my bed. So yes Yaya got a front row show of my entire birth! Which she will never stop talking about! Lol.
Before I knew it the doctor was in the room and was coaching me on how to breathe when pushing. My doctor was super patient with me and really believed in letting your body do the work for you and pushing during contractions and I really appreciated that because I didn’t want to tear. As hard as it is to relax when pushing, it’s really better to let your body do the work. I had done research and heard that you should breathe through the pushing and not just strain. I also read an article that said kissing your husband in between pushes/contractions would relax you and help with not tearing down there. So in between pushes I would get Zack to kiss me and then he would just say the most encouraging words to me. When it was time to start pushing and breathing he was doing the breathing with me which really helped. Basically Zack should be a labor and delivery coach! haha. During the actual pushing I was holding behind my legs if that makes sense. And about 15 minutes into the pushing Lucas head was starting to come out, And I immediately asked the doctor if he had hair lol (I was so concerned if he was going to have hair because Zack was bald for the first year of his life but I was born with a full head of Greek hair, so Zack and I were just so curious as to whether Lucas would have hair lol) and she said yes and then she asked me if I wanted to reach down & touch his head to give me motivation to really push and breathe through the next round of contractions. So I reached down and touched his little head (an experience I’ll never forget!) and it really did give me the motivation to start pushing and breathing harder during the next round of pushing. And it worked!!! Lucas came out during the next round of pushing, so in total it was 20 minutes of pushing & Lucas arrived at 12:09 PM. They immediately placed Lucas on my chest!! Oh, It was love at first sight. Another feeling I just can’t describe!! Zack did cut his umbilical cord which was also very special to see.

It was around six hours total from the time my water broke to the time Lucas came out. The fastest delivery for a first time mom!! Normally first time moms are in labor for several hours, so I feel extremely blessed that Lucas came as fast and healthy as he did. Within the first hour of Lucas being born I was already breast-feeding him. That was definitely something I will never forget. I was also very intimidated by breast-feeding before I had Lucas and when he went in for his first feeding, it just came so naturally to me. I was no longer scared but in heaven as I watched him feed.
That first night in the hospital was just so surreal. Zack slept on the couch beside my bed and we had Lucas in the bassinet in between us. I would wake up randomly in the night and see Zack standing over Lucas‘s bassinet just making sure he was breathing lol.
We were only in the hospital for one night since he came out so fast and the delivery was not complicated. While in the hospital we did have some professional pictures taken which I will share on this blog post. There’s no denying it that Lucas is Zack’s clone. lol.

My recovery has been really good, again I am super blessed for that. I got first-degree minimal tearing which isn’t bad at all. I can’t imagine having to take care of yourself after a hard labor/delivery and also taking care of a newborn baby at the same time. I finally feel like myself again. When I was pregnant I was just super sick all the time and had no energy so having my body back to myself as been the most amazing feeling in the world. I just absolutely love being a mom to our sweet Lucas Christopher!

Anyways I am so HAPPY that Lucas Christopher is finally here!!! He has brought so much joy and happiness to our entire family. I hope you guys enjoyed my birth story.

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