Baby Medicine Cabinet Must Haves For Winter From Walmart

I am so excited to share today’s blog post with Walmart because I always get asked what baby products I am using for Lucas! I’m sharing baby medicine cabinet must haves for winter, but honestly you need these products all year round! What I love about Walmart is that they carry everything you need for baby on their website at and most products have 1 or 2 day shipping!! I do about 90% of my baby shopping needs online because its just so convenient when you’re a new mom!

First off for winter you’re definitely going to want a thermometer to check on baby’s temperature! These are great options!

Saline Spray is a great item to have for baby’s stuffy nose and to go along with that is the famous “nose sucker” trust me you’ll want to grab one of these!!

If your baby is running a fever Baby Tylenol and Baby Vicks are awesome to have on hand during the winter! And there is a nifty baby medicine dispenser called the Medi Paci that I have pictured above, makes medicine time easier!

I am going to link up everything else that I have pictured on my table below right here so you can check it out! I am including just daily medicine items that are good to have such as grip water, the windi, vitamin D drops, nail files and clippers..etc!! Remember everything can be found on Walmart’s website!

I am also going to share more of my MUST have baby items that Walmart carries right here if you want to check those out!

Thank you for sponsoring today’s blog post! and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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