2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi guys!!

It’s finally time.. Time to chat about the most fun sale of the year!! I have been shopping this sale for years BUT I have always waited for the public access because I didn’t want to sign up for a card.. until this year baby! It was Such an easy process to get a Nordstrom card too! (PS- I don’t get any kickbacks from signing people up for the card, I just highly recommend getting one for the sale!! ) So lets talk about the sale some more, shall we??



It’s seriously the best sale of the year!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale releases new items for the upcoming fall season (my FAVORITE SEASON) and also comes out with some new amazing summer pieces, that are heavily discounted  but will go back up in price after the sale is over on August 6th!!




It starts this week!! Ah!! On July 12th, Early Access will be available to all Nordstrom cardholders!!

July 20th,  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 is open to everyone without a Nordstrom card. Some of the most popular items from the sale end up being sold out at this point, so I highly recommend getting the card!



I always look for basic pieces for the fall! Like I said earlier, Fall is my FAV! So boots will be a priority! FOR SURE!! I already saw a pair of Edelmans in the catalog that I know I’m getting!! I will be looking for designer jeans that are discounted, sweaters, makeup, anything free people, BP items, booties, coats..etc!



My Strategy!!

I’m going to be up ALL night long on the 12th shopping away! And I’ll do in store pick up and pick up everything later that day! And I’m also going to be at the front door of Nordstrom when they open with my blogger babe Amanda and we will be doing try on sessions in the store as well! I will keep you guys updated on my blog, stories and Instagram! I can’t wait to shop my first early access and have you follow along to see what goodies I find!!


Here’s a look at the catalog!!


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50 Items Under $50 // Half-Yearly Nordstrom Sale

This Dress is 40% off, runs to true to size and comes in serval colors (found here

The BEST sale is finally here! I have made it very easy for you guys to shop by doing all the research for you and I have compiled my TOP 50 ITEMS UNDER  $50 listed below! I have included some great heels, dresses, rompers, one piece swimsuits, athletic leggings, pj sets..etc! Happy Shopping!! 


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Summer Shorts Review/ Try On Session!


So the first pair of shorts I absolutely loved!! For a sizing tip I would say they run true to size or I would size up one size if you are wanting to make them longer! The distressing on these is just so much fun and I love how the front pocket shows! Also they have really cute buttons on the inside instead of a zipper! I really loved how soft the denim is! I would give the shorts a 8/10 because they are on the shorter side!



The second pair of shorts was definitely my most favorite pair out of all five!! I still have them on!! They are THAT CUTE! They run big so I would size down one size!! I Absolutely love the color of the wash and the fit of them!! They are definitely worth the money!! I would give these a 10/10




Third pair I really loved because they are a darker wash than most of my Jean shorts, so I liked the variety that they give to my wardrobe! I really liked the fit of them too, they were very flattering and as far as sizing goes I would size up 1 to 2 sizes! This brand tends to run very small I have jeans in this brand and had to size up two sizes! This Brand really does give you the cutest butt  in their jeans and shorts!! I would give these a 8/10 just because the sizing is a little off!




The fourth pair is the same brand as the third pair and I really love the wash of these jeans shorts and I am Obsessed with the back pockets, they are adorable!! Please size up a size or two because I had a really hard time getting them buttoned! But once I got them buttoned they really did give me the cutest butt ever! I would give these a 8/10 just because you do have to maybe size up two sizes! 




The fifth pair is definitely my second most favorite pair! I love how the buttons are exposed and I really loved the cuffed hem! The wash is a really pretty color too, it’s not too dark and not too light! I also like how these have a good stretch to them making them extremely comfortable to have on!! I also think these are the perfect length and not too short! These run true to size!! I give them a 10/10



BY THE WAY! These slides are on SALE today for $40 with free shipping!! (use promo code “sunshine”) I highly recommend them for traveling or any upcoming trips because they are THAT comfy on! I love them!


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LOFT is having a major spring sale right now! I spent about an hour going through their website for you guys and here are must haves from the sale!! Don’t forget code “HELLO” at checkout!!

Happy Shopping!!

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Last Chance Shop Bop Sale!


Happy Saturday!!

Today is the last chance to shop the sale of the season! Basically the more you spend the more you save!! Use code “GOBIG18” at checkout!

Entire the SHOPBOP Sale HERE

I’m sharing my must have Sandals & Jeans for Spring:

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Under $50 Cropped Sweatshirts Try On Session



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OOTD 2/9

Outfit Details:


Happy Friday Friends!

I am thinking about starting a new thing on the blog where I post daily “OOTD’s” on the blog , that way it’s even easier to shop my looks! And it’s also another way quick way I can catch you guys up on what’s new with me!

I had to share this outfit because my favorite sweater is now $23 with free shipping!! Trust me you need this staple piece in your life!!

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Five Galentine’s Day Ideas

My Cozy Valentine’s Day Pj’s (these are soooo soft & under $50) 


Happy Weekend Friends!!

I am a huge Parks and Recreation fan! I could watch that show all day long even though I’ve seen all the episodes several times before, it’s just that funny! For those of you who have not seen this show, the main character, Leslie, comes up with a fun day called “Galentine’s Day” on February 13th to celebrate her female friends! And she has the cutest party for them! You have to see that episode!! Anyways that’s a little background on how Galentine’s Day became a real day!

Here’s five fun ideas to celebrate with your girlfriends this on Galentine’s Day!

  1. Waffle party!! Leslie is obsessed with waffles, so this one should be no surprise! Bonus points if they are heart shaped!!
  2. Have a Valentine’s Day card making party!! Go completely elementary school style! Get lots of construction paper, glitter, markers, stickers…etc and get creative!
  3. Host a Fancy Black Tie Party!! Get completely decked out with your girlfriends! Who needs a man to dress up for?? I think it’s more fun to dress up with the girls anyways because they appreciate what you’re wearing & understand how long it took to contour your face!!
  4. Girls Weekend Road Trip!! Go somewhere fun where you have never been before and enjoy time away with your besties!! And maybe order some room service??
  5. Gather your girlfriends, Get in your cozy pajamas, Order pizza, have lots of Valentine’s Day candy and have a Parks and Recreation marathon on the couch!!


Shop all of my favorite cozy Galentine’s Day essentials here:

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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Happy Lilly Wednesday Friends!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with Lilly! I always have been! The quality of their pieces are amazing and I love the bright fun colors for Spring and Summer!! I always wear a Lilly dress for Easter too!!

Anyways the AFTER PARTY sale is the best time in the world to stock up on Lilly dresses and rompers!!

Here what pieces I bought from the sale:


More Goodies that I should have bought from the sale:


My Honest Thoughts from This After Party Sale:

In the past this sale has made me SO mad! It would take me hours to enter the site, the wait in line was crazy long, the website was so slow and things would sell out as I was putting them in my cart.. So if I am being honest with you guys, I almost said, “nope…not even going to try to shop this sale…it’s not worth the headache.”

But here’s what happened today..

I went to the Lilly website around noon, had a 5 minute wait, the website was running at a normal speed and checking out was a breeze !! BEST SALE THEY HAVE EVER DONE! Thank You Lilly for finally fixing this sale and making the experience a good one! So that is why I decided to do a blog post for you guys because I want you to give shopping the AFTER PARTY another chance because I did and I am so excited for my purchase! But you do need to be patient with the shipping! It could take 3 weeks for your order to arrive which in my opinion is awesome because it’s calling for snow today in Charlotte…so getting summer dresses and rompers in 3 weeks is no biggie because I can’t wear them for awhile anyways! AND it gives me a chance to get my legs back in shape for these dresses! So honestly I couldn’t be happier with Lilly today!!

So do yourself a favor and go shop the sale and buy a dress that can motivate you to workout and get ready for the summer!!

Have fun shopping babes!!!

Enter the AFTER PARTY Sale Here 


See all of my favorite from the sale here:

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